27. November 2021

Erste Mitgliederversammlung

Schwimmverein Donaukanal hosted its first Members Assembly in November 2021 as a non-profit association that aims to normalise swimming in Donaukanal in Vienna.

Not all of the 117 members could be present, however, interesting discussions unfolded regarding the future plans of the association - we won’t spoil the surprises, so stay tuned for program 2022, we will host some exciting events!

Team 2022 has also been elected:

Erste Obfrau: Amelie Schlemmer

Zweiter Obmann: Johannes Fandl

Kassierin: Ana Mumladze

Stellv. Kassier: David Graf

Schriftführer: Fabian Ritzi

Stellv. SchriftführerIn: Amanda Sperger

Internationale Botschafterin: Lilli Kammermann

Teilzeit SV DK Mitglieder / Vollzeit Freunde: Michi Hammerschick | Fabian Kitzberger | Marion Schulz

Photo: Mario Wiberal 1933