14. & 18. September 2021

Water Audio Tours with Spurse, Flourish LAB, Block Ecology X  WUK | KEX

This special audio experience was written and recorded with the wonderful Schwimmverein Donaukanal, of Vienna, Austria. If you're in Vienna, have a listen while drifting with the canal — the vivid body of water it was produced for. Elsewhere? Might there be waters near you that have been stigmatised? Covered-up, neglected or under-appreciated? Travel to a body of water in question, one that resonates with you, and prepare for a swim.

Conceptualised and produced by SPURSE, Flourish LAB, and Block Ecology, in collaboration with Schwimmverein Donaukanal.

Special thanks to Amelie Schlemmer, Livia Alexander, Isin Onol, Ulrike Fallmann, and Kunsthalle Exnergasse at WUK.

Speakers: Amelie Schlemmer, David Graf, Marie Handl, Raphael Foltyn and Justin Morris-Marano
Audio Sound Design: David Graf

Listen to it on Spotify.