Potluck Brunch #1

7. August 2022

Remise Alsergarten
First potluck brunch ever at our first ever swim stop at Alsergarten!

Each brunch will be accompanied with a micro artistic action or intervention - this time, we’ll be hosting an archive sale of Hybrid Dessous swim pieces and showcasing their water & body research.

Bring your own food - stonefruit bakes, quiches, salads, anything you’d like to share on a summer Sunday brunch.

Ana will whip up a salty, sea-watery liquid dish from the glorious unused ingredients from Savannah Mapalagama’s soup bowl tower. Bring your own bowl! We’ll serve japanese kelp broth with miso, red hot chilli peppers and silken tofu. Vegan, gluten-free, yum in your tum-tum.

Bring your friends, see you!

︎︎︎ SV DK Remise