StammFISCH Rückblick

Alsergarten Remise

And the last StammFISCH floats away

After more than fifteen beautiful StammFISCH additions, this weekly community gathering is floating away, as the water and air temperatures drop.

Every Monday evening, Alsergarten Remise was the perfect place to meet and find swim friends. No matter whether it rained or shined, passionate urban swimmers always showed up – sometimes only three people would be there, other times forty people would plunge into water for a self-organised swim.

StammFISCH open-ended design left room for spontaneity and novelty. The only constant that we needed was the presence of hosts and here, it goes without saying, that Sebastian Pinto is the ultimate StammFISCH host, with the support of Ingrid Strauss and Andreas Krenn.

Thank you to Alsergarten for their camaraderie!